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Google Business Profile Management

Boost Your Online Impact with EasyGBP's Google Business Profile Management 📈

Is your business fully leveraging its Google Business Profile? Let EasyGBP take your online presence to the next level. Our expertise lies in managing and optimizing your Google Business Profile for unparalleled visibility and engagement, including comprehensive reputation management.

Partnering with us means having a dedicated profile manager to maintain your listing, respond to reviews, and apply strategic updates that elevate your profile's effectiveness.

Explore the advantages of our Google Business Profile Management services, or call 844-327-9436 today for a personalized consultation on how EasyGBP can transform your online business presence.

Our service streamlines managing and optimizing your Google Business Profile, ensuring it stays updated and effective.

Being visible on Google has skyrocketed our customer engagement and sales. 📈

Launching our Google Business Profile with EasyGBP was a turning point. It dramatically increased our customer engagement and sales, broadening our reach and connecting us directly with our target market. This vital move propelled our business forward, opening a new chapter in our business growth.

Randy Talbit
Owner of Fix My Roof

Google Business Management Service Explained 💡

Easy GBP Management Service connects you with a GBP expert focused on handling every detail and overcoming challenges to enhance your results. With our proprietary methods and local recon report, your account manager is dedicated to ensuring high visibility and increasing customer engagement. Our process begins with a performance benchmark analysis, includes a comprehensive local recon report, grid rank analysis, and ends with a complete optimization of your profile.

With Google Business Profile Management from EasyGBP, maintaining your profile at its best is effortless. Our team guarantees your profile aligns with industry best practices and the latest standards for peak performance and engagement.

The Google Business Profile Management Service includes:

Automated Review Requesting
Bi-Weekly Promotional Posts

Automated Social Media Posts

GMB Recon Report

Geogrid Ranking Report

Updates, additions, and modifications

Video and Image Uploads

New products or services

Performance Reporting

This service covers every aspect of Google Business Profile management, from critical updates to handling Google's suggested edits and unexpected changes like business hour adjustments or temporary closures. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Our Google Business Profile Management Service goes beyond basic upkeep. It elevates your profile into an actively managed, lead-generating asset, ensuring your business consistently shines in search results and attracts more customers.

Monthly Plan

Hassle-Free Cancellation
Monthly Payments
• Including Above-Listed Service Features
• Chat and Email Support
• Citation Audit
GBP Setup Not Included
• Dedicated Account Manager

Quarterly Plan

Save $392  Annually
3 Months Service
• Including Above-Listed Service Features
• Chat and Email Support
• In-Depth Local Recon Report
• GBP Setup Not Included
• Dedicated Account Manager

Annual Plan

Save $838 - 2.4 Months FREE SERVICE!
12 Months Service
• Including Above-Listed Service Features
• Email, Chat, Phone Support
• In-Depth Local Recon Report
• GBP Setup Included
• Dedicated Account Manager

How Our Google Business Profile Management Service Operates 🛠

EasyGBP simplifies your Google Business Profile management with a clear, 5-step strategy: 

1. Share Your Business Details 

Begin by sharing key information about your business with us through our straightforward Google Business Profile Management form. This step, taking less than 15 minutes, involves providing details critical for managing your profile and adding us as a business profile manager for seamless collaboration.

2. Comprehensive Profile Evaluation & Verification 

We start by assessing your current profile performance and conducting a thorough evaluation using our Local Recon Report to identify areas for improvement. If your business lacks a Google Business Profile, we'll set up and verify one for you, ensuring it's poised for success.

3. Custom Optimization Plan Development

Armed with insights from the evaluation, we craft a personalized optimization plan. This blueprint guides the enhancement of your profile, targeting increased visibility and engagement to drive more traffic and calls to your website.

4. Profile Enhancement and Ongoing Management 

Our team takes the reins, applying strategic updates to optimize your listing. This phase includes regular updates, weekly content publication, review and Q&A management, and spam monitoring, ensuring sustained profile growth and visibility.

5. Observing Enhanced Results

As your profile benefits from dedicated management, anticipate noticeable improvements in rankings, traffic, and engagement within 30 to 90 days, freeing you to prepare for the new customers and opportunities that will be directed your way.

Real Feedback, Real Results: Our Customers Speak Out

I have used this method for advertisement of my company and have tripled my business. Great customer service and very efficient workers.

Eva Fontes
Tax Specialist

Very easy and friendly website, answered all my questions and show me the platform. Easy and great experience overall, happy to work with them.

Antonio Correa
Real Estate Advisor

Google Business Profile Management FAQs  📚

Is a long-term contract required for your service?

Not at all. EasyGBP values flexibility, offering our services on a month-to-month basis. This approach has led to long-standing relationships with many of our clients who appreciate the continuous value we provide.

Who creates the content for posts?

A dedicated profile manager crafts all content and visuals, ensuring everything we post aligns with your brand. While we're self-sufficient, we welcome any content you'd like to share.

How much does this service cost every month?

We offer our comprehensive management service at $349 per profile per month, with special pricing available for multi-location businesses. Contact us to discuss how we can accommodate your specific needs with our discounted rates.

What if I don't have a Google Business Profile yet?

If you're starting from scratch, we've got you covered. We'll claim and verify a new profile for you, integrating this step seamlessly into our management service. This setup is typically completed within two weeks.

How do you help me get more Google reviews?

EasyGBP's reputation management dashboard is at the heart of enhancing your online reviews, a crucial component of our campaign package. While this robust software offers a suite of features like automated social media posting and large group messaging, its most impactful feature is the sophisticated review funnel. This funnel is specifically designed to simplify and encourage the process of collecting five-star reviews from your customers through direct SMS and email communications. By prioritizing your review strategy, this dashboard significantly boosts your ability to gather positive feedback, directly influencing your business's online reputation and visibility.

When can I expect to see results from the management service?

Most businesses begin to see positive outcomes within the first 60 days, with ongoing improvement over the next six months, depending on your industry and market competition.

Google Business Profile Pricing 🏷️

Google Business Profile Management


Boost your online presence with our Google Business Profile Management service. We keep your profile current, optimized, and engaging, in addition to monitoring reviews and actively encouraging customer feedback to increase visibility and drive more conversions.

Included with plan:
  • Automated Review Requesting
  • Bi-Weekly Promotional Posts
  • Automated Social Media Posts
  • GMB Recon Report
  • Geogrid Ranking Report
  • Updates, additions, and modifications
  • Video and Image Uploads
  • New products or services
  • Monthly Performance Report

Google Business Profile Setup


Ready to launch your Google Business Profile? Our setup service handles profile creation, business claiming, and verification seamlessly. We make the process easy, ensuring your profile stands out and attracts customers. Start effortlessly and boost your online visibility.

Included with plan:
  • Google Account Creation
  • Profile Verification
  • Profile Refinement and Optimization
  • Image and Video Uploads
  • Products and Services
  • QAs
  • Direct Google Review Link
  • Call Tracking & Analytics

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Keywords related to the products and services you sell are connected to
Googles Display Network and other search engines.

Example: when someone searches for "auto insurance agents near me" we begin interacting with them so we can connect them to you.

Retargeting them up to 30 days if they continue to show interest.

With data from interacting with consumers over 2 billion times yearly, the Traffic Keyword System consistency outperforms 3X or more traditional display ads.

Unlock Free Upgrades

Pay in full 6-Months

1 Review Card $199
300 SMS Invites Monthly $30
2 Additional major review site $98

Total Value $327  

Pay in full 12-Months

1 Review Card $199
500 SMS Invites Monthly $50
4 Additional major review site $196

Total Value $445  


If your not 100% satisfied at the end of your campaign, we will double your duration using another Community Marketing Partnership Product.

Unlock Free Upgrades

Pay in full 6-Months

300 SMS Invites Monthly $30
2 Additional major review sites $98

Total Value $327  

Pay in full 12-Months

500 SMS Invites Monthly $50
4 Additional major review sites $196

Total Value $445  

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