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Google Business Profile Setup

Fast-Track Your Google Business Profile setup with Easy360 🚀

Is your business one of the many yet to claim its spot on Google My Business? Let Easy Reviews launch your online presence forward. We specialize in setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a profile manager who will not only claim and verify your listing but also implement strategic enhancements to boost your profile's performance.

Discover the benefits of our Google Business Profile Setup below, or dial 844-327-9436 now for a direct consultation on how Easy Reviews can elevate your business online.

Our Google Business Profile Setup Service simplifies the process of claiming, verifying, and enhancing your Google Profile for you.

Being visible on Google has skyrocketed our customer engagement and sales. 📈

Launching our Google Business Profile with EasyGBP was a turning point. It dramatically increased our customer engagement and sales, broadening our reach and connecting us directly with our target market. This vital move propelled our business forward, opening a new chapter in our business growth.

Randy Talbit
Owner of Fix My Roof

Google Business Profile Setup Service Explained 💡

With Easy Reviews' Google Business Profile Setup Service, you get the expertise of our specialized profile managers. They focus on eliminating the complexities of claiming, verifying, and enhancing your Google Business Profile, aiming for peak performance in rankings and visibility.

With Google Business Profile Setup from Easy Reviews, setting up your profile correctly is no longer a concern. Easy Reviews ensures your profile meets industry best practices and adheres to the latest standards for optimal performance.

The Google Business Profile Setup Service includes:

Google Account Creation
Profile Verification
Profile Refinement and Optimization
Image and Video Uploads
Products and Services
Direct Google Review Link
Call Tracking & Analytics

This service delivers everything you need for a standout profile, freeing you from the hassle of doing it yourself.

Our Google Business Profile Setup Service extends beyond mere claiming and verification. It transforms your profile into a fully optimized, lead-generating powerhouse, ensuring your business stands out in search results.

Multi-Location Businesses: Your Success, Our Mission! 🚀

Looking to set up multiple Google Business Profiles? Easy Reviews is here for you. We understand the maze of managing several profiles without a hitch. 🚀🔧

Seriously, we've successfully crafted thousands of profiles for a variety of professionals including realtors, insurance agents, contractors, legal firms, travel agencies, financial services, and restaurants. We're well-acquainted with the nitty-gritty details and occasional frustrations of handling a comprehensive dashboard of profiles.

Whether you're handling 10 or 300 profiles, from up-and-coming franchises to Fortune 500 giants, Easy Reviews has a streamlined approach to eliminate the tedious work involved in setting up and fine-tuning your Google Business Profiles.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch or call us at 844-327-9436 to discover how we can boost your multi-location business's online presence.

How Our Google Business Profile Setup Service Works 🛠

At EasyGBP, we make setting up your Google Business Profile straightforward and stress-free. Here's our detailed 5-step process:

1. Business Discovery Session

Start by filling out our straightforward form. In just about 10 minutes, you'll provide us with all the essential details of your business location to craft an impactful Google Business Profile. It's a breeze – really!

2. Claiming and Securing Your Listing

With the details you provide, we'll claim your listing on Google. This step is crucial for securing your profile and setting the stage for professional management, ensuring everything is locked in and ready.

3. Authentic Verification Process

We handle the verification hustle by initiating Google's verification process. This confirms the authenticity of your location, setting your listing up for success. Whether it’s through phone, email, or postcard, we take care of the legwork.

4. Optimal Profile Setup

Once verified, our experts roll up their sleeves to configure your listing meticulously. We navigate through over 99 steps to optimize every facet of your profile, ensuring you leverage every opportunity for business growth and promotion.

5. Review Generation Strategy

As the final touch, we implement a strategy designed to kickstart the inflow of new Google reviews. This step is tailored to boost your profile's visibility and credibility, paving the way for increased customer trust and engagement.

Real Feedback, Real Results: Our Customers Speak Out

I have used this method for advertisement of my company and have tripled my business. Great customer service and very efficient workers.

Eva Fontes
Tax Specialist

Very easy and friendly website, answered all my questions and show me the platform. Easy and great experience overall, happy to work with them.

Antonio Correa
Real Estate Advisor

Google Business Profile Setup Service FAQs

Why choose EasyGBP for my Google Business Profile setup instead of doing it myself?

Absolutely, you can set up your Google Business Profile on your own, just like you could file your taxes or write your contracts without help. However, for optimal results and to save time and avoid common pitfalls, working with experts like EasyGBP—skilled in digital marketing and Google Business Profile optimization—ensures your listing is not just created, but crafted to excel and perform.

Who will handle the setup of my Google Business Profile?

A dedicated Profile Manager from EasyGBP will oversee the setup of your Google Business Profile. This expert, backed by a team of professional copywriters and designers, ensures your business is presented accurately and appealingly, reflecting the unique aspects of your brand.

How does approval of content and updates work?

We offer two approaches: manual or automatic approval. For manual approval, we'll send you proposed changes for your review, moving forward only with your go-ahead. Alternatively, you can opt for automatic approval, relying on your Profile Manager's expertise for swift updates. Most of our clients prefer the efficiency of automatic approval, trusting our skilled team to keep their profiles up-to-date.

What's the timeline for setting up my Google Business Profile?

Typically, we can verify and fully set up your profile within 2-4 weeks after we receive all necessary information. For businesses with multiple locations, the process may extend slightly, but our bulk verification capability significantly speeds things up, offering a smooth and efficient start for multi-location businesses on Google.

Can you guarantee that your service will generate significant results?

While we'd love to promise life-changing outcomes from just setting up your Google Business Profile, the truth is, success depends on what you put into it. A well-set-up profile is a fantastic start, but for maximum impact, consider ongoing management and promotional strategies. EasyGBP is committed to setting a strong foundation with setup and offers guidance for continuous growth and engagement on the platform.

Google Business Profile Pricing 🏷️

Google Business Profile Management


Boost your online presence with our Google Business Profile Management service. We keep your profile current, optimized, and engaging, in addition to monitoring reviews and actively encouraging customer feedback to increase visibility and drive more conversions.

Included with plan:
  • Automated Review Requesting
  • Bi-Weekly Promotional Posts
  • Automated Social Media Posts
  • GMB Recon Report
  • Geogrid Ranking Report
  • Updates, additions, and modifications
  • Video and Image Uploads
  • New products or services
  • Monthly Performance Report

Google Business Profile Setup


Ready to launch your Google Business Profile? Our setup service handles profile creation, business claiming, and verification seamlessly. We make the process easy, ensuring your profile stands out and attracts customers. Start effortlessly and boost your online visibility.

Included with plan:
  • Google Account Creation
  • Profile Verification
  • Profile Refinement and Optimization
  • Image and Video Uploads
  • Products and Services
  • QAs
  • Direct Google Review Link
  • Call Tracking & Analytics

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Unlock Free Upgrades

Pay in full 6-Months

300 SMS Invites Monthly $30
2 Additional major review sites $98

Total Value $327  

Pay in full 12-Months

500 SMS Invites Monthly $50
4 Additional major review sites $196

Total Value $445  

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