EasyReviews FAQs

Online reviews can either make or break your business.

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How many reviews should I expect to see?

While every client has a different success rate, we can shed a little light. Our clients who do not use the negative filter (the 1,2 or 3 star system), have success rates of 50% to 85%. Clients who use the negative filter usually have success rate between 15% and 35%. Not using the negative filter will result in less reviews on major sites, however the upside is that the amount of negative reviews will be decreased. The choice is yours, however we highly recommend using a negative filter.
From there, it is simply a numbers game. The more customers you enter into our Get More Reviews tool, the more reviews you will get. It is that simple.

Due to the fact that all reviews generated while using our software are the direct result of real customers reviewing real business they interact with, we cannot guarantee results from using our software. Although businesses that use our software typically see higher review-conversion-rates, and a higher overall volume of reviews, results from business to business will vary and will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, industry of the business, volume of customers served, timelines of sending out review requests, accuracy of customer contact information and quality of products and services rendered.

How long does it take to see results?

Typically, our clients see reviews come in within 24-72 hours of entering in customers. 

What can I do to help increase reviews for my company?

Regularly submit your client’s info into your dashboard so they are contacted and asked to leave reviews

Use the QR code we provide, making it easy for clients to reach your review page. Print the QR code on all of your receipts, your business cards, display it at the check-out counter and anywhere else your clients may be.

Log into your dashboard and connect your Facebook, Google or Twitter account so that customer’s positive reviews are posted to your social media pages.

What cell number is used to send messages?

It will be local number that is shared by other Easy Review users.

Can people reply to the sms message?

No, however the text will read:

Thank you for using [business_name]! Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we'd love to hear your feedback. [link to your review page]

And since the client recently used your service, they will know who sent the text.

If you need to have your own sms number, it must be purchased through Twilio. We highly recomend that your web designer or someone experienced in using Twilio be used.

What is the send from email address?


What do I need to provide to send out email and text review requests?

Only an email address or a cell number.

You dont need to submit a email and cell # every time

If you provide only a cell #, then only sms messages will be sent.

If you provide only a email, then they will only be emailed a review request.

You can provide first and last name, but they are not used in the body of the email or text.

Claim your Google My Business Listing

Not sure if you've already claimed your Google listing?
Does this sound foreign to you?

Don't worry, claiming your Google listing is pretty simple, and absolutely necessary when it comes to getting more Google reviews.

First you want to start by searching for your business using Google search. You should see your business listing pop up on the right hand side of search results.

Why do I need a GMB Listing?

Not only is your Google listing important for consumers looking for your basic business information, it also serves as the first impression for people learning about your credibility and reputation.  Your Google reviews are what's populated within your listing on the right hand panel of search results on desktop, and one of the first things people see when searching for you on their cell phones.

For many people searching online, your Google reviews may be the only reason they choose you or your competition.

Whether you're dominating Google reviews, or haven't even claimed your listing yet, the information on this page is your definitive guide to taking control of your Google reviews and getting more Google reviews in the process.  

What does a GMB listing look like?

Versions look like this:
Desktop Search
Desktop Map
Mobile Map

SMS messages

Texting numbers are assigned based on your area code. In larger cities where there are multiple area codes we will assign you the closest one.

Texting credits do not roll over. If you do run out of credits, your emails review requests will still be sent out.

Key Review Statistics

93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. (Podium)94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. (Review Trackers)
87% of people have or are willing to write a review of a business – only 13% say they never would. (Sitejabber)
When considering a new business, 91% of people think reviews are important enough to sway their purchasing decision. (Sitejabber)
37% of people read more reviews during COVID-19 compared to a ‘normal’ year. (Sitejabber)
79% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (BrightLocal)
83% of Gen Z and millennials trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Sitejabber)
The higher the consumer’s income level, the more likely they are to trust online reviews more than personal recommendations from friends or family. (Sitejabber)
54% of shoppers won’t choose a business with fewer than 4 stars. (BrightLocal)
A review rating increase of 0.1 could boost your conversion rates by 25%. (Uberall)
86% of consumers only look at reviews from the past three months, 73% say customer reviews must be from the last month, and a huge 50% only take into account reviews from the past two weeks. (BrightLocal)
To trust a business, 78% of people need to see that they have at least 100 reviews. (Sitejabber)
80% of people believe they have read a fake review in the last year, with 46% saying they’ve spotted multiple. (Sitejabber)
84% of consumers are more likely to use a business if they respond to reviews. (Sitejabber)
80% of people expect reviews to be responded to within 2 weeks. (Sitejabber)
A personalized response can bring back 51% of your customers who had negative experiences. (Sitejabber)

Platinum Review Management

Monthly your Easy Review Manager will do all or some of these important services depending on how you operate your business.
A. Review your main business website to test and verify your installed review widget is working properly.
B. Conduct negative review testing to gauge the response from your company. (This doesn't not affect your actual rating)
C. 20-30 minute meeting to go over your review site and what suggestions we have to improve your ratings.
D. Call and speak directly to your employees to gauge the effectiveness and real day to day usage and promotion of your review site (are your employees actively engaging clients for reviews?)
E. Compare reviews on Google and other major review sites to find if any negative reviews were 1st left using Easy Reviews before your customer submitted it to a major review site. This gauges the level of reach you are utilizing the review program.